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Cortez & Associates, PLLC, attorneys have a successful track record of assisting clients in Michigan, California, Nevada, and other states on matters involving the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA), the First Amendment, and other constitutional and federal law provisions.

Our attorneys have been involved in RLUIPA litigation across the country, including taking matters to trial. This work has given us the knowledge, skill and judgment necessary to successfully navigate the federal court system and guide your RLUIPA matter to the best possible outcome.

We can begin assisting you during the local government permitting process, where RLUIPA claims can begin based on the text of the applicable zoning ordinance or the decision of the governmental entity on a permit application. During this time period, there a number of considerations for both the land use applicant and the government to make that may lead to early resolution, including potential damages and attorney fees.

Were formal litigation to begin, our attorneys will depose key witnesses, retain the appropriate experts, and vigorously pursue the successful outcome of your matter. Based on our experience, we know the goals of every RLUIPA matter are varied and particular to each case. As such, we will advise you of the many potential avenues for resolution throughout the case so as to preserve your time and resources. Were trial necessary, our attorneys employ the latest technology to dissect intricate land use issues such that they are presented to juries in an easy-to-understand manner.

Federal litigation, and in particular RLUIPA cases, are complex matters that touch on issues of zoning, First Amendment rights, and an array potential damages and recoverable attorney fees. Whether you are bringing or defending a RLUIPA claim, our experienced RLUIPA attorneys are ready to help guide your case to the best possible outcome.